Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.
Is fulfillment really $12 and shipping free? How can you do it for that price?
Because we obsessively focus on optimized micro-warehousing operations, and we have great delivery partner relationships. Yes, we really can fulfill and deliver your goods for $12 per order.
And yes, that is per order and not per unit. Your order can contain multiple units and of different products.
I have an existing fulfillment partner - can I use Erly?
Absolutely. Consider us a layer on top of your existing infrastructure for unlocking cheap hyper-local delivery. If we do not have the particular item in stock, or the delivery would be outside of our service area, you should fulfill it via your current logistics set-up.
What kind of benefits can I expect by working with Erly?
45% of consumers expect items to be delivered in 2 days or less, while 7 in 10 expect free shipping. Working with us, you can expect better conversions, larger margins, less abandoned carts, and greater customer satisfaction.
Am I responsible for getting you my product?
Yes - ship us goods in bulk in the most cost effective manner. Once it arrives at our warehouse, we take over. We’ll process it and make it available automatically to your consumers in the local area. Receiving your inventory is free of charge, and we don’t have any hidden fees.
Isn’t this just adding more cost to my last mile?
Your last mile will no longer be the most expensive leg of your supply chain. It is much cheaper to send your inventory in bulk (to distribute the cost) and ship each order down the street rather than the “planes, trains, and automobiles” method of standard carriers.
Are the products protected via insurance? In transit, in the warehouse?
Delivering your products on-time using the highest quality practices is our goal. In our care your goods are protected via Erly’s professional insurance.
What packaging does Erly use?
Because Erly only puts your product in a car or van to go down the street, our packaging has far less environmental impact than standard parcel delivery packaging. Furthermore, all our packaging is eco-friendly, sustainable and uses organic materials.
What are your shipping guidelines for inventory transfers?
Erly operates micro fulfillment centers that don’t necessarily have full-size loading docks, so we prefer inventory delivered via parcel carriers rather than full truckloads of palletized goods. Check your local location and the guidelines.